What We Do

We’re a Blockchain Technology Studio and Digital Transformation Platform.

  1. We help blockchain technology startup founders scale their businesses through investment and partnership.
  2. We develop our own blockchain technology products as stand-alone businesses where we see a gap in the marketplace.
  3. We design and develop blockchain technology innovations for Financial institutions and governments for their Digital transformation projects.

We’re active leaders in blockchain technology development and the startup space. We manage a growing community of technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate innovators all looking to collaborate and advance opportunities in the ecosystem.

What We Do1.1

Building Startups

We are blockchain technology studio that is actively looking for talented technologists, and industry professionals transitioning to be entrepreneurs, that are working with blockchain and emerging technologies.

If you are a startup founder with a great idea, or an industry professional looking to take the entrepreneurial leap, we want to talk to you.

For Entrepreneurs, we can help your idea take flight through investment, or help your small team and fledgling project achieve breakout velocity by plugging your team into a network and ecosystem of investors, advisors, and corporate partners looking for the next great product.

For Industry professionals, we have on going projects, that we fund internally, that are always looking for co-founders and leaders with deep industry experience.

Why start a company when you can join a fast growing project with a clear value proposition and thirsty market?

Take a look at our portfolio for existing opportunities, or contact us directly if you have your own project and team.

What We Do1.2

Services & Solutions

Digital transformation is not a buzzword. It’s an imperative that many multinational companies are faced with, but don’t know how to make the transition.

We have developed a unique system for guiding companies through the process as well as a suite of industry tools to help companies use blockchain and emerging technologies to create sustainable futures for their organizations.

If your organization is in the process of setting up a digital transformation project and looking for ways to compete in the future:

Contact us to see how we can help you manage your digital transformation project using our tailored approach to developing blockchain and emerging technology solutions.

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What We Do1.3


We have deep, unique insights, and connections, into the blockchain and emerging technology space across: artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity,  and the internet of things.

We aspire to connect entrepreneurs, technologists, industry professionals, and investors through engaging experiences and knowledge sharing to foster a collaborative and productive ecosystem.

Each ecosystem is unique and has it’s own diverse culture. We hope to create value for our community by helping people connect and achieve their individual goals. Take a tour around the different communities: connect and collaborate through our network.

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