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Blockchain technology is more than an innovation

It is the strategic infrastructure for the new digital economy.

We have a deep connection to the blockchain technology developer network. Our access this diverse community of blockchain startups, developers, and designers gives us the capacity to scale and integrate effective digital transformation projects for Financial institutions and Governments.


Power a range of applications

Use blockchain technology to power a range of applications

We provide the tools necessary for financial institutions and governments to have the ability to use blockchain technology to build a new generation of systems and applications across:

Identity & Financial Scoring | Asset Registry & Management | Regulation & Compliance | Smart City & IoT


Digital transformation for financial institutions & governments

Blockchain technology networks are an emerging tool for financial institutions and governments to drive operational efficiencies and power future proof digital transformation projects.

We partner with leading financial institutions and progressive governments to build private and consortium blockchain technology networks that transform markets and economies. Our solutions enable institutions to design, deploy, and operate blockchain technology networks, and distributed ledgers that can power new business models, increase operational efficiencies, and transform economies by scaling the security and privacy of any type of asset in any market.


Reduce costs & Power Innovation

Blockchain technology and distributed ledgers can streamline operational efficiencies and create platforms for business model innovation.
As a part of our custom designed digital transformation programs, we can help you define your business problem and build a solution with a variety of blockchain, distributed ledger, or emerging technology stacks that will shape your operational efficiencies and open your organization up to new business model innovations.
Blockchain Technology and Distributed Ledgers
A fully private blockchain, or a distributed ledger technology application, is where write permissions are kept centralized to one organization. Read permissions may be public or restricted to an arbitrary extent.
Applications that include database management, auditing, settlement, time-stamping etc internal to a single company.
This internal system is where access permissions are more tightly controlled, with rights to modify or even read the blockchain state is restricted to a few users, while still maintaining many kinds of partial guarantees of authenticity and decentralization that blockchain technology is best suited to provide.
The fundamental value of a blockchain or distributed ledger in a fully private context is cryptographic authentication and zero knowledge proof technology, which provides a much broader array of exciting possibilities about the kinds of cryptographic assurances that these applications financial institutions and governments.

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