All Tomorrow’s Parties

Treatise On Innovation

“We have no future because our present is too volatile. We have only risk management. The spinning of the given moment’s scenarios. Pattern recognition.”

– William Gibson

We are a decentralized group of designers, engineers, and social scientists working at the vanguard of global innovation. We venture to allocate talent and resources at solving some of the world’s most difficult problems, with a specific focus on utilizing emerging technologies while creating outsized returns for our investors.


Here’s why:

Section 01

State of Affairs

Section 01

State of Affairs

Humanity is in the midst of one of the most transformational periods in history, filled with uncertainty and opportunity. It is also mired in antiquated social thought, policy and hegemonic economic practices that are stagnating our development towards a more creative abundant, and inclusive future.

We are challenged by endemic poverty and inequality, which is an anchor to our progress not only socially, but morally. In order to advance to higher planes of achievement and potential, we must seek ways to bring more people out of poverty through inclusion to the global economy and access to information and ultimately self-education.

Our gluttony, both individual and organizational, has lead to imbalances in our bodies, environment, and society. Although life expectancy has increased for many, both on the production and consumption side of our society has lead our health and environment to deteriorate, or at least not accelerated to its true capabilities;even worse, this has not been evenly distributed.

“Competition Is for Losers: If you want to create and capture lasting value, look to build a monopoly.”

– Peter Thiel

Creating and distributing innovation that is widely accessible so that there are more viable human mechanisms to provide nourishing and healthy food, abundant and cheap energy that sustains the interests and dreams that all humans hold; to live efficiently and with dignity, provide for their family while being enabled to pursue a passion that provides meaning to themselves and the society at large, and to be healthy enough to see this through to their death–upon their choosing, is a an aim that many of us hold at our core.

Embracing technology and innovation that propels the many to greater opportunity is fraught with challenges from bad actors, which is the nature of anything new and revolutionary, but to hold this advancement back through monopoly, policy or through fear, only maintains the known unequal present we have now.

We live in a time, where there are “empires of the mind”, a proprietary grip on information misdirected and consolidated, wielded by the few, with narrow interests that undermine the potential of what that understanding can actually achieve. A knowledge base that can be used for a future that is different from the past we have experienced and know is not efficient.

A redistribution of this wealth, can provide for greater returns while at the same time creating a lasting impact on the world. This a not a diatribe on some techno-utopic future, but a rational look at creating global efficiencies that benefit those who are intrepid enough to see these challenges as opportunities. The bedrock of these opportunities can be found in the cradle of our most challenged geographies and people of most need.

Untapping the resources outside the developed nations is a meaningful and significant contribution to challenging the problems we face, while at the same time providing exciting economic and social opportunities.

By balancing the global throughput of innovation and economic contribution we can create great financial value for our stakeholders as well as develop economies to contribute to tackling our world’s problems in a way that accelerates our collective progress.

Section 02

The Endeavors

Section 02

The Endeavors

We venture to provoke positive change and build new economic models that are more expansive
and inclusive, while creating outsized, sustainable returns over the long term for our investors, partners and employees.


Here’s how:

Section 02

The Endeavors

01 Building the best products and companies that enrich the way people think, work and live.
02 Creating new business categories that reallocates opportunity by providing greater value to larger amounts of people.
03 Developing economies that progress society through entrepreneurship and innovation

Industry 01

Blockchain Technology

Smart Contracts
Financial Services


Linus Torvald Linux Reference

We support companies producing decentralized technologies across; Payments, Platforms and Marketplaces, that create efficiencies, collapse borders and unlock the power of crowds in designing and delivering secure consumer and enterprise experiences. We seek to harness the consensus, antifragile nature of this new internet technology to re-calibrate the notion of privacy and individual pursuit that allows the world to connect in a trustless ecosystem based on algorithmic security.

Industry 02

Advanced Machines

Internet of Things
Artifical Intelligence


Robert Noyce Microprocessor

We partner with companies and scientists at the vanguard of mechanized intelligence across; Connected Devices, Robotics, Software, Data, and Artificial Intelligence that will represent a future of unimaginable ease, productivity, and prosperity. Our ambition is to create smart machines that reduces the labour of life, through automation, and allows humanity to solve even greater challenges than those we face currently.

Industry 03

Mobile Internet



Steve Jobs Smartphone

Globalization is a unifying opportunity and we venture to support companies that view social discovery, mobility and the Internet as the revolutionary technology it is, and that are willing to harness its unique collaborative and visual power to transform learning, entertainment and consumption. Our view of the networked world expands far beyond communication and trade and we support entrepreneurs and innovators who challenge traditional models of organizational structures, market design, and human resources through disintermediated efficiencies.

Industry 04


3D Manufacturing


Henry Ford Mass production

Creative destruction is the weapon of choice as we challenge the notions of antiquated, conventional infrastructure and processes. Advanced machines, decentralization, and emerging technologies that provide hobbyists, tinkerers, enthusiasts, as well as established professionals to compete, collaborate and create new ways to broadly produce means for the world more efficiently.

Industry 05



Investing in Clean-tech, Biotechnology and Sustainable living across Energy, Recycling, Agriculture, and Health sciences faces enormous challenges: incomplete data, extremely long development cycles, and high risk. However, we accept these challenges and pursue innovation in this space incrementally, with the understanding that our energy and food requirements necessitates bold endeavors that push us closer to greater health, longer lives, and sustainable energy to power our needs.

Section 03

The Challenge