Mission 1.1

Blockchain Startups

We help founders scale their blockchain startups.

We work with blockchain technology startups to help them develop their teams,  find product-market fit, connect them with investors and enterprise customers to help them scale and reach break-out velocity.


Mission 1.2

Digital Transformation

We enable digital transformation for financial institutions and Governments.

Intrepid ventures partners with progressive financial institutions and Governments to build enterprise blockchain technology networks that enable digital transformation.

We help you manage your digital transformation by designing and developing custom blockchain technology stacks, that increase your operational efficiencies, open new markets, and sustain your company’s value into the future.

Mission 1.3

Outsized Investment Returns

We help investors find the industry and market leaders of the future, now.

Intrepid Ventures is your trusted advisor in sourcing and evaluating blockchain technology startups across a variety of emerging investment sectors.

We seek outsized returns for our investors by targeting investments in breakout blockchain technology startups utilizing emerging technology to create new products and applications that transform markets.


Who we are 2.1


We are decentralized global team of blockchain technology professionals

Intrepid Ventures is design, development, and finance all working at the vanguard of blockchain technology and Digital transformation. We create, and collaborate with the best talent, teams, and organizations worldwide to build the future digital economy.

Focus 3.1

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain. Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency & Distributed Ledger Technology.

Intrepid Ventures develops startups and enterprise blockchain technology platforms for insurance, financial services, and government.

We aspire to create efficiencies, collapse borders and unlock the power of crowds in designing and delivering secure consumer and enterprise blockchain applications that allows the world to connect in a trustless ecosystem based on cryptographic security.

Focus 3.2

Advanced Machines

Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence & Automation.

Intrepid Ventures partners our blockchain startups and technology solutions, with chief innovation officers in industry and government who seek to incorporate artificial intelligence, connected devices, machine learning, and data science into their digital transformation initiatives.

Our ambition is to create smart machines, cities, and nations, that reduce life’s burdens and society’s inefficiencies through automation, that allows humanity to solve even greater challenges than those we face today.

Focus 3.3

Mobile Commerce & Communication

MCommerce. Cyber Security, Marketplaces & Platforms.

Intrepid Ventures supports blockchain technology startups that view information, privacy, and cyber security as the foundation for the mobile economy.

Our view of the networked world expands far beyond communication and trade and we develop blockchain technology startups and digital transformation initiatives that challenge the traditional models of organizational structures, market design, and human resources through blockchain and emerging technology innovations.

Contact Us 4.1

Join our

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